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Question Venus-Pluto aspects are driving me insane...

I've been in the dumps lately because of the extremely intense emotions I've been experiencing and I could really use some help to decipher the meaning of a few aspects I have in a synastry chart.

My Pluto is trine his Venus (1), and his Pluto is sesquiquadrate my Venus (0). We also have Venus quintile Venus with each other and my Venus trine his Jupiter (4).

I'm very new to astrology and I know about the intense emotions that can come up when there are Venus-Pluto aspects but I don't know the specifics, like how is the Venus person affected and how is the Pluto person affected? I have read in some places that the Pluto person would be very obssessive, which I am, but it's more like I can't stop thinking about him rather than being clingy, pushy or anything like that. Nonetheless, it is driving me a bit insane... He is not very clingy either and for some periods we don't speak to each other for 1-3 months (we live quite a distance from each other) yet we always seem to come back to each other somehow and when we meet, it is always incredibly intense.

Please help me! I've been feeling this more than usual the last week. Maybe because it's Scorpio season? Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate all kinds of input, both about how the Venus person would feel and how the Pluto person would.
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