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Re: Need some education: Which charts to use when?

Great thread here, yes, and thank you for all the informations.
I didn't pay too much attention on composite chart because the interpretation seems to me either too mysterious or not personal enough. But I have and want to learn, what rules we are taking for this particular interpretation.
And then, this comment from EJ53
3. Composite Charts
These show how the couple's relationship is seen by outsiders......The two-person team, rather than two separate individuals......So, we interpret this in exactly the same way as an individual natal chart, but the behavioural patterns and astrological lessons apply to the couple rather than each of them.....and end if/when the relationship ends.
I wonder what sense can give a composite when it is only the representation to others? How can a couple learn about a compositie? That's just my question, but perhaps, I didn't really understand the work you have to do on a composite?
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