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Re: Need some education: Which charts to use when?

. Lunar "day-for-a-month" Progressed Chart (Tertiary Chart)
There are 12 of these for every day-for-a-year progressed chart, giving the same information as the latter on a month-by-month basis...So, these are primarily "timing" charts enabling us to determine the exact month in which the learning event/transit will occur...but they also provide us with a "12X magnification" view of what the lesson is about..

is this the chart i want to use then, to find out when a form of communication will open between me and a friend, or one of my employment agencies?

please let me know so i can download one from astro website. also, what other elements should i add to this chart? i never know, there are so many buttons to place. even the size, sometimes is confusing.

thank you
Tertiary Progressions? I pulled up my natal chart and altered it from the dropdown menu to add this feature. is this correct? now what

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