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Re: Need some education: Which charts to use when?

Originally Posted by C0rnholio View Post
...Are there any general guidelines as to which charts should be used first, second, last, or not used at all for a given situation?
I agree fully with Niplan's response but, for information, my own understanding of (and approach to) the use of various charts is as follows :-

When Looking at an Individual's Self-development
1. Natal Chart
This reveals our character; instinctive behaviour and life direction/purpose...So, it's the first chart to look at because it tells us "where the person is coming from and going to" the baggage they can choose to carry with them or let go of on their journey.

2. Progressed "day-for-a-year" Chart*
This chart covers the 12 month period from birthday to birthday and highlights the (lifelong) lessons of the natal chart that will be the focus of our attention during that time...So, it's the second chart to look at because it tells us (in general terms) what can be learned from the events/transits we shall encounter each year.

3. Lunar "day-for-a-month" Progressed Chart (Tertiary Chart)
There are 12 of these for every day-for-a-year progressed chart, giving the same information as the latter on a month-by-month basis...So, these are primarily "timing" charts enabling us to determine the exact month in which the learning event/transit will occur...but they also provide us with a "12X magnification" view of what the lesson is about.

4. Transit Charts
There are 28-31 transit charts for every day-for-a-month lunar progressed chart, showing (on a daily basis) the events/transits relating to the highlighted progressed/natal chart lessons...So, these are the fourth charts to look at because they tell us on which days our learning will be exemplified by a specific event......However, we avoid information overload by focusing initially upon the transit period of slow-moving planets (to identify significant events) with faster-moving planet transits enabling us to "zoom-in" for more specific information on the daily unfolding of the event.

[*Note : Solar Arc Charts are progressed charts, with all planets "progressed" by the actual annual movement of the Sun each year....(This can vary from just under to just over 1 degree, but most astrologers use 1 degree for the initial "sighting" of significant aspects and adjust for accuracy only when/if they need to)......Thus, if the Sun moves one degree in a year, all 10 planets in the chart are progressed by one degree......whereas, the day-for-a-year progressed chart progresses all planets by the actual daily movement each of them makes.]

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