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Re: Multiple double whammies in synastry chart (10?)

Originally Posted by Zora View Post

Hello Banaili,

who is in inner circle and who is out?
Hi Zora! Thanks for your reply. I'm the inner circle (blue), and he's the outer (red)!

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Outer circle person gets his pluto in 4th house feelings and emotions of person in inner circle. This is always emotionally intense and like electrifying and exciting but also causing emotional irritation and insecurity for person in blue - as red pluto is coming along with an uranus sextile.
Ah, I see. Who experiences the feelings of emotional intensity? Both of us, or only one of us? As I'm the inner circle, can he feel my emotions? I admit I do feel a bit insecure, but again I think that comes from the age difference, and me being older than him. That's a complex I've always had and why prior to this relationship I've never been much interested in men younger than me. I don't know if that relates to this, though.

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
What intensifies it even more is ....his trine on other persons mars in 8th house- longlasting relationships and also subconsciously stored memory of issues. You both might have a feeling of knowing each other already for long - like as from a previous life.
Oh wow! Yes, this exactly! There is something strange about the relationship with him. It DOES feel like I know him from a previous life or something, though I can't quite place it. Is this aspect indicative of past-life connections? I've heard of those in relation to the South Node, but I don't know about where else to look for them in synastry charts.

The strange thing about him is that I feel a bit like he's a mirror of me. There are things he's incredibly good at that I don't think I'd ever be able to do well. But our mannerisms and (seemingly) our way of thinking - even our likes and dislikes - are really very similar, sometimes identical. It actually really surprised me. Although I don't know if he gets the same sensation as I do.

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Blue pluto -being in own natal in aspect with chiron, neptune, jupiter and, mercury- is aspected by red persons venus, mars, jupiter and moonnode and activates all own natal aspects not easy to stand this energy or to live with in a continously physical near I would suppose.
I see...So that means continuously being near each other would be difficult for us? It's true I haven't been around him long enough yet to know this for sure, but I could certainly understand if that's the case. It really was intense, just the first time meeting him.
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