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Re: Multiple double whammies in synastry chart (10?)

Originally Posted by banaili View Post
Hi there, I hope this is something someone can help me with. Last year I met this guy who I seemed to develop an instant connection with. He's a bit younger than me, which I have a sort of complex about, so for a while I tried to pretend that I wasn't developing feelings for him. However, the connection was too strong

Hello Banaili,

who is in inner circle and who is out?

Outer circle person gets his pluto in 4th house – feelings and emotions of person in inner circle. This is always emotionally intense and like electrifying and exciting but also causing emotional irritation and insecurity for person in blue - as red pluto is coming along with an uranus sextile.

What intensifies it even more is ....his trine on other persons mars in 8th house- longlasting relationships and also subconsciously stored memory of issues. You both might have a feeling of knowing each other already for long - like as from a previous life.

Blue pluto -being in own natal in aspect with chiron, neptune, jupiter and, mercury- is aspected by red persons venus, mars, jupiter and moonnode and activates all own natal aspects – not easy to stand this energy or to live with in a continously physical near – I would suppose.
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