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Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
All aspects in a chart, whether so called easy or harsh, are inherent in one's nature and are at their best when working with and not against each other. That can take experience over a l-o-n-g period to figure out .

A water [grand] trine can, indeed, possess emotional insight and empathy , yet it still depends upon which planets on the grand trine are where. Not every planet is 'comfortable' in a particular element.
Cancer influence is caring yet can be 'needy', with its easily (read) hurt feeling nature not too deep from the surface. Scorpio influence goes deeper and into the abyss of emotional significance, whilst Pisces is renowned for its oceanic tendencies to 'escape' everday life in preference to that of its own ungrounded creation.

Water is the strength of the imagination as one perceives reality around it, yet it is not always based upon its actual manifestation. For that it also needs the influence of active Fire, physical Earth and mental Air. What can happen when water, as dominant element, meets up with Fire, Earth, and Air? It can overflow, flood, and drown, leaving Fire, Earth, and Air very little possibility to offer their influence. There can be little 'real' warmth, practicality, and thought influence when dealing with life's situations perceived through inner feeling senses.
THAT's where the so-called harsh aspects are effective in adding other aspects (no pun intended) to the grand trine's inherent perception. You have already mentioned the elemental influence yourself.

Does the water grand trine shun or work with them?

{From a grand trine in Earth.)

Thanks so much for your insight.

I do think having the water grand trine while making me imaginative and artistic, also causes me to get carried away with emotions a lot, and it actively takes effort on my part to keep myself stable. (I have six planets in water signs :/)

I have air elements in my chart, mercury and Mars (in Aquarius)...which Thank God! help me to detach from the excess feelings and see things objectively.
I also have some earth and NO fire and I can feel the lack of fire in my chart...maybe as lack of enthusiasm sometimes, initiative and a self centered attitude that I see in fire signs that I know (which I wish I had). Is there a way to make up for the lack of fire? I mean does it really affect my life, even more so, now that I'm aware of it..?
Somehow, after I looked at my chart for the first time, (not very long ago), I believe the awareness of not having it makes me feel worse than actually not having it.

I think there are a few oppositions and squares in my chart (mars square pluto), but not sure if they work in tandem with or against the grand trine.

Also, are you saying that water grand trines are better off without the presence of other elements, or with them to create balance? I was a bit confused by that last paragraph. What would be the ideal scenario for a chart like mine..

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