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Grand Trines - Good or Bad?


So there's a saying that goes 'Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing'.
Are Grand Trines one of those things?
I've read that having it in your chart, can make you take things for granted, become lazy, not use them enough and ultimately become unsuccessful.
I have a water grand trine in my chart and it says that the trine aspect occurs a total of 8 times. So will this aspect prove to be more bad than good?
Also what are the advantages of having a water grand trine other than having a great insight into people's emotions and being very empathetic.?
In my opinion, fire or air grand trines sound much better to have, because they give you a lot of passion, drive and make you great at communicating; while water tends to stagnate and I'm afraid my grand trine could do that to me. (I also have no fire signs in my chart).

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