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Re: Trouble with making friends with people from my country?

I will always bear in mind the minor lines! I felt in love with Paris (minor Venus aspect Asc line)! Liked London (same line) but a Mars paran made things uneasy there (crisis = got my plane home cancelled and had to stay 15 hours at the airport).

Another example: In Bavaria I have two Sun/Jupiter parans, yet I also have two minor Moon and Saturn lines which are not that positive. I really donít see many places that donít have even a single bad line or paran affecting them - Athens, Eastern Bulgaria and Romania, Belarus and villages and towns in the very East/South corner of Poland seem good. Same for the British Channel Islands and North Western France. Stockholm has a Neptune line but unfortunately also the Moon line and several planet crossings with Pluto at the same lattitude (4000 miles away but still!)

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