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Re: New website with online astro calculations and astro database

Originally Posted by kaktuzz View Post
Hello Opal,

do you remember what was wrong?

Daylight saving time; or something else?

That website also works differently for registered users and guest users.

- Registered users have their reference/local place saved in settings and all calculations are automatically recalculated into their local timezone +with their local coordinations.

- Guest users must additionaly input their current/reference place into some calculations; otherwise all those various calculations and additional table times are UT/GMT and coordinates are missing -> sometimes this produce those "wrong" chart.
I really don't know. I responded to them about an aspect that apparently did not exist. At a guess, maybe there was an error of the data altogether. I know it was not something that could be changed in an hour. It is my guess, that I did not have the correct data.

Sorry that I donít have more information. It probably isnít your site anyway.

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