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Re: Natal retrogrades

Mercury turns direct at age 11, Venus age 20.

Cazimi is when a combust planet is "within the heart of the Sun", or within 16' of the center of the Sun (32' is one solar diameter.) It supposedly converts the adverse meanings of combustion into brilliance or genius.

Your chart features the 30th, or Last degree...the Asc in Taurus, the partile conj of Saturn-Uranus in Sagittarius.

It holds 2 partile conjunctions.

The Common signs are strongly preponderant and there are 6 rx planets, with all planets in the west rx.

Both Lights plus the cazimis form a Gemini/First House stellium, ruled by Mercury but administered by Jupiter. Pluto stands apart.

There is an open sesquiquadrate formation involving all planets except Mars and Pluto. The pattern is very irregular, off-balance...a "bowl" with strong "splay" traits. I lean toward "splay"; the separation of Pluto from the partile conjunction is about 45 (insufficient), while Mars stands apart from Neptune by 64 (sufficient separation). So it's a splay pattern with Mars as Reins. Mars is conjunct North Node.

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