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Re: Career Struggles

Originally Posted by StelliumNoise View Post
Looking at your chart, something tells me it's the Nodes (South Node in 12th, North Node in 6th). The sixth house is service to others. More a long the lines of being a sort of supportive pillar for a cause or organization. It's also the house of Virgo so it speaks to making sure the small details are in order, these will likely be more important for you than for others because you're building these sixth house skills while here.

What is it that you're interested in doing? That Aries Moon in the 10th probably wants to do a lot..its strong energy
I'm always drawn to more creative jobs, maybe that's Venus in Capricorn influence. As long as my imagination and my skills are used I'm happy, so I guess artistic jobs so I can express myself - like writing, or editing photos&videos. But all of those jobs are nonexistent or limited in my country so maybe that's what's holding me back.
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