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Re: Career Struggles

Originally Posted by iceking View Post
Hey guys, can someone check if there's a job possibility for me in a near future, or at last help me to understand more about myself.
Little back story: I've dropped out of college after struggling for several years, then I spent a year trying to find a job but I never got one. I spend the last year searching for job, but it seems like my destiny's against me, so I never got one. for example, last month I found a job ad that was made for me - I had all the skills and knowledge needed, I also did my best and I was so sure I was gonna get it but than I didn't. I never doubted my resume or my applications, but the scenario is always repeating itself. It's the same with my independent projects, my talents, skills, creativity and effort never payed off.
Maybe I don't know myself at all, or maybe it's my ****** up country where people get jobs based on their connections, not their skills.
Anyway. I need help figuring this one. Thanks!
Looking at your chart, something tells me it's the Nodes (South Node in 12th, North Node in 6th). The sixth house is service to others. More a long the lines of being a sort of supportive pillar for a cause or organization. It's also the house of Virgo so it speaks to making sure the small details are in order, these will likely be more important for you than for others because you're building these sixth house skills while here.

What is it that you're interested in doing? That Aries Moon in the 10th probably wants to do a lot..its strong energy
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