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Re: Feeling lonely at workplace,what to do?

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
Am i destined to be a loner?
here is chart
Hello turkish girl,

did you -besides work- ever felt yourself not lonely because of being different from others - whereever you are and go ?

Your moon ruling your 12th house is in leo in 12th house and 12th house is the most farest away position from the personal area -one can have in own chart. Aware of all what is going on outside in public - but not feeling own needs and own feelings - being able to help others - but not yourself and not able to feed your own needs and to feel yourself at home with yourself. And often feeling lonely and as lost in the big sea (12th)

With 12th house moon inconjuncting degree exact your natal uranus in cap in 5th house - enjoying your life having fun - you feel yourself like an "outlaw and or alien" and different from others - and in fact - you really are and will have to learn to live with it.

If you would imagine - that all your thoughts (3rd house ruled by venus) about other people get loud and visible and hearable ...what would you think about a person as a friend or colleague ...talking like this about others ?

Pls read your own post and words again ...

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
I have never been a social one since til these years.Usually spent my time usually alone,either studying or doing things alone.

I have had very complex family environment that usually being insulted,unloved and all.Mainly people love their highschool years but i hate it.All i remember these years i had only one close friend and talking other people but not close.Not partying because my home was very far away and i had no money to spend.

When i entered MD,I was shocked that every student comes from wealthy family.I was one of few whose parents did not go to college.I could not tell anyone about my issues becase they were not mature enough like me to understand them.

At my family circle we have always been criticized by uncles,grandparents and other relatives.Because of they did not love my father they did not love and appreciate us.Even they got surprised how i became a doctor.

Now at my workplace it is same with college environment.I have no one around who faced hardships like mine.They all are spoiled children.And they are talking about some silly fashions or tv series which i have no idea.

They are surprised that i dont know luxury brands or i did not go to expensive places in my younger years.To sum up i have nothing common with them except being a doc.

The last red line was one of them kinda insulted my husband not being a doctor and getting low salary then us.So now i dont want my husband enter this kinda environment because i am got bored of all these.But its hard for me because we work at same building.

I am the one who is doing best job here.Everyone says i am the best one here and they wanna have shifts with me.They says its easy.

I dont mean I wanna be friend with them but why i just cant find a place i am comfortable in.

İt is like why i am not accepted?Why i have to feel i lack something?Why they are so lucky that faced nothing just enjoyed life while i cried every single day.

My husbands parents are very nice people.Maybe because they are not educated much i am like a professor at his home because i am a doctor.Maybe his mother made much more compliment about my beauty and persona in this 2 years than my Real mother.Is this a coincidence?

What can you suggest me?

I want a nice friend who is mature enough like me.

I dont like society dynamics in my current City and i dont want to work with those superficial, materialistic,gossipping people.

My work is easy here so i just dont want to change it because of silly people?

I kind of withdraw myself from people.Isolated myself not talk to much.

And in truth - pluto ruling your emotions in 4th house -in your 3rd house is a strong mental and emotionally outsending energy of all your feelings under your surface - people can subconsciously notice from you and also from your physical radiance (3rd) and facial guestures (3rd house) and will react on.

Other people are not responsible for what you experienced in your childhood and there are not responsible for your healing of the past.

But you - yourself are.

Having nothing in common with others is not true. You are a human being like others are, too. This is the most easy and simple brigde you can take to come in contact with others and to respect them in their life attitudes.

You lack tolerance - jupiter in scorpio in a venus ruled 3rd house squaring venus in 6th house - work- you have to work on.

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