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Re: Should I buy this car from craigslist?

Venus is retrograde, Do NOT buy the car you will regret it. Buying anything during Venus retrograde and or Mercury retrograde is a bad idea. I would wait until the fall.

Originally Posted by HailxxNight View Post
Hi everyone, I came across the ad for a 2007 Volkswagen Beetle that has 92,000 miles on it. I really need a car for work ASAP but Iím worried of buying it and it breaking down on me in a few months and the seller is not being completely honest in the ad as put "emissions till July 2017".
I think the car is being represented by mars and mars is being accidentally debilitated by house but not making any other bad aspects. While I am in mars own sign and the 10th house. I really want this car here but I donít know if itís a safe car to buy. I need help again interpreting a chart. What do you think, I want to get it by this month
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