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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
And thank you for inserting the south node as well, where you can see it is exactly conjunct you, Saturn, in the 12th, showing you attached to old habits and behaviour patterns from the past.
Psyche retrograde interestingly enough is conjunct you, the ascendent. Her story is an interesting one, and reconfirms the Saturn/south node position relating to you.
She is square Uranus in the 4th, sparking unexpectedly and
You can google it, here are some useful links...

And this one explains the eros/psyche connection...

In this chart Eros is at the midpoint between Venus and pluto, increasing the theme of eroticism.

The 8th house is, among other things, the house of sex and this is where the stellium lies, and this is where the ruler of the 7th, sun, lies.

So, yes, sun moves towards a trine with Saturn retrograde moving towards the trine, from the 8th and 12th houses respectively.

Moon approaches the conjunction with Jupiter but first enters the T-square with mercury and Neptune, creating infatuation and illusion and misunderstanding.
You apparently have a lot of past baggage to handle in this relationship, things to resolve between you if you are looking for a long term relationship.
Uranus in the 4th of end of the matters makes the outcome unpredictable and it is sparked off by the psyche energy.
This is so much info about the asteroids that Iíve been wanting, thank you ElanaJ

I watched some videos about the pair as well and I wonder, if Iím Psyche.. does that mean Iím the one who has ruined the relationship after all, by not trusting him when I should have..? However Saturn is so well-positioned in the 12th and in Cap so it seems like Iím doing something right.. maybe because in the meantime Iíve been doing past life therapy and working on reducing my Ďyangí in this scenario (12th house.. becoming more receptive)

I think Uranus trining us both can possibly also be alluding to us both being bi.. and realising itís more important than we realised. I think the fact that he has only recently admitted this to himself might have been a source of inner conflict.. I asked him to take some time to explore it while we had some time apart but I donít know if he has or not. Iíve taken the opportunity myself though

I feel like thereís so much info in this chart, and it shows a lot of physical attraction, but I guess it doesnít show great prospects for long term?

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