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Would this be a VOC moon?

Suppose the moon enters a sign where the only aspect it would make is with a planet that's currently very late in its sign, and that will change signs before the moon does. Is the moon void of course as soon as it enters the sign?

For example, let's say the moon enters Virgo on a day when there are no planets in any other mutable sign, no planets in any other earth sign, and no planets in Cancer or Scorpio. Mercury is in the last degree of Virgo, but it will transit to Libra while the moon is still in Virgo. (Obviously, this isn't happening in the current era... just suppose.)

Do we call the moon void of course now, because it won't conjunct Mercury and won't aspect anything else until it moves into Libra? Or, because there is another planet in the same sign, is it not void of course until the other planet changes signs, taking away the "promise" of a conjunction in this sign?
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