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Re: Moon in Capricorn and problems with one's mother

I don't think Saturn really want to punish a person.
He just want you to do your best, work and be patient, learn from your experience, take your responsabilities..

My Mom is a Capricorn Moon.
She grew up in a toxic family, where all the members have a lot of capricorn and aquarius placement.. (she inherited of guiltiness related to religious behaviors, past generations secrets, bad emotionnal/thought patterns from parents..). So, she worked on her psychological issues for long years.

She is a good mother for me, even if she wasn't really here for my emotional support when I needed. (I guess some aspect in my chart could be the cause) My mother has an empathy issue. When I tried to tell her my emotionnal problems, she always thought it was not serious (because i was young), even if it really was.. She has already too much to deal with her own emotional issues even if she wanted to help me. (but is always here and efficient when the problem is related to material or a kind of logic - (earth). Sometimes she complain because she feel like people are depressive (have problems) just because they want to **** her off... She can't really accept that people have their own problems and emotions, and she take a lot of things too personal (even if it doesn't have nothing to do with her)... But she is improving with time and patience. Now I can talk of my emotional problems with her sometimes. She read a lot of psychology books, saw a therapist, learn from her experience, etc..

My aunt is also a Capricorn Moon. She has bipolar disorders. And no child (her choice)

My Sun oppose Saturn. (fun fact) - end of "Saturn family" (a lot of capricorn/aquarius sun and moon I didn't inherited).
But Saturn is in 5th house, so It could play out if I want a child in the future

Pluto square my Virgo Moon.

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