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Moon in Capricorn and problems with one's mother

I was wondering if a lot of my fellow Capricorn Moon people have experienced similar things to me. Growing up with a mother with major mental health issues which made it absolutely impossible to have a childhood where you actually could be a child because she made you the target for all of her problems constantly. A single-mother who couldn't handle the responsibility of having a child, with major mental health problems blaming her child constantly for everything bad that has happened to her, with so many problems in her life that made the child's own problems being totally irrelevant and so on.

I also have Saturn in 22 Capricorn squaring my 4th house that is 22 Aries... Obviously, I cannot go into all the details but I feel like my childhood was the perfect example of Saturn being the ruler of it... Is there a way of breaking out of it with the first Saturn return maybe? Is it bad karma? What does Saturn really want when it "punishes" a person?

I feel like a lot of people say, a Capricorn Moon is naturally emotionally detached but don't ask for the reasons behind it... don't think anyone detaches for fun it's a survival instinct and it's no fun having a "starving" moon.

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