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Re: Solar Return for 2019

Originally Posted by Sagittarius Jupiter View Post
Depression is there, if you don't move out (Saturn in 4th house

Originally Posted by Nightfall View Post
Explain,when depression will move out.
Sagittarius Jupiter is apparently interpreting Saturn as depression, fourth house as home, where you currently live. By that logic, you're depressed because of where you live, so you would have to move somewhere else to escape the depression.

But that logic doesn't work. Saturn isn't in the fourth house of your SR chart, it's in the fourth house of your natal chart. If Saturn in the fourth automatically meant you would be depressed because of where you live, then moving out wouldn't solve that problem. Because this is a natal placement, if Saturn in the fourth really meant depression in the home, always, you would be stuck with it no matter where you live.

Even if Saturn were in the fourth in your SR chart, it wouldn't necessarily mean you need to move. Maybe you would have heavy responsibilities at that time, concerning your family. Maybe that would be the time when you buy a house--Saturn is taking on commitment. There are lots of things Saturn in the fourth can mean.

As a natal chart placement, Saturn in the fourth says something about your family and your relationship to them. Maybe your family places a lot of responsibility and expectation on you. Maybe you feel isolated within your family. Maybe you grew up in a very strict, authoritarian family. That's not a passing thing, like an SR chart placement would be--the natal chart highlights life themes, the solar return chart shows what's up in this particular year. That's something you're always working with. Your relationship to your family might change over time, but it still has that Saturn picture at its base.

But your natal Saturn isn't getting any particular attention in this SR chart. So, it's not one of your key themes right now. Instead, you've got SR Jupiter conjunct SR Uranus, also in the natal fourth. I expect that, if you do come from a strict family, you've rebelled against their strictness. Or not met their expectations, because Uranus is the kind of planet that won't meet people's expectations. Jupiter to Uranus brings up that explosiveness, that rebelliousness, that not meeting expectations.

Since fourth house is also home, and Jupiter/Uranus is change, maybe you will move in the next year. That could simply be your decision, or you might have a sudden need or sudden opportunity to move. But that placement doesn't guarantee a move, just suggest it as one possibility. It's also possible that something else about your home will change, maybe someone moving in or someone you currently live with moving out. Or the house being renovated. Or redecorating your room. Any of those things.

Either way, it's not saying that you're depressed just because of where you're living, or that if you are depressed, that will automatically change if you move. Maybe it will, if where you're living isn't so good for your mental health but you move someplace that's better. Or maybe you'll make some changes to your living space or living situation because your outlook changes. Or, maybe this reflects some change in your relationship to your family.
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