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Re: Bullying Aspects

Originally Posted by CrankyCap View Post
Many people say Nessus, abuser asteroid. I did meet someone who had natal Nessus on their Moon and Pluto, and yes, they were emotionally abusive.

Grand square involving Saturn, Sun/Merc, Mars and Pluto in fixed signs. Can be a bully but not necessarily, I met one with this aspect and he was more like "be useful to me or gtfo" but he did return favors. He did start bullying someone who "stood in his way" so to speak, basicly the other guy was holding tight on his own rights more than trying to provoke the first person.

My teenage friend also has tight Pluto Mars conjunction in Scorpio no hard aspects to those. He was never abusive, sure had anger issues but in my opinion he was always responsible about it. Never wanted trouble. His cutthroat honesty did sting few times, but I couldn't count that on its own as verbal abuse. Someone else might see it that way tho..?

In the end I think anyone could be a bully regardless of chart.
I think it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a bully's chart and a bullying victim's chart.

I have seen Fixed Grand Squares with Sun/Saturn/Mars/Pluto that represented bullies. And Seen similar grand squares in the charts of those who were bullied.
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