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Re: Bullying Aspects

I ended up quitting the job to focus on school. Iím entering a critical period and couldnít risk being derailed by her hatefulness. What a bizarre experience. That was probably the worst bullying Iíve dealt with since childhood. She accused me of hating her, LOL. Iíll have to get my revenge another way (although how that will happen, given that I no longer work there, is debatable).

I think she was an Aries, because I ALWAYS clash with female managers born under that sign. (Their ďmy way or the highway ď attitude doesnít work well with me.) The difference is that we end up getting along. It wasnít possible to get along with this woman - she was manipulative and abusive. Even when were getting along, it was only because she hated someone else at that moment, LOL. I always made it a point to keep distance between us.

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