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Re: Translation of Light

Originally Posted by tikana View Post
Tech speaking you doubt even need tol
You have sun and venus in Mr very strong mixed reception and sun on 10th cusp

Moon is a timer by logic
In practice moon actually falls a lot of times to b main indicator for timing
I'd bet it's a person like hr
Hm, it's possible that moon then is the person I'm in communication with for the job. The square between moon and sun might just be the timezone difference. I have to stay up until about 1 or 2AM my time to be able to catch him to make any progress in the job. It's definitely been the most obviously stressful aspect of the process. If things go through it'll definitely be easier to deal with but since this has such a short turn around I'm in a position where I have to stay up to catch the email to make sure that things go forward.
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