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Re: Translation of Light

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Here is a good article on translation of light.

I think there's a challenge in this chart, in that, while the moon applies to an aspect with the sun and then to Venus, the moon-sun contact is a square, which usually indicates some difficulties.

I like the look of your sun-MC-PofF configuration, but perhaps the chart is giving you a heads-up to proceed with caution on this new opportunity.
The square to sextile translation is honestly a part of why I posted this. I feel like translation of light tends to be a bit more clear cut when it involves trines or sextiles but this does seem to show some sort of friction happening that does end up becoming something a bit more easy?

Yeah, the amount of work they're asking for is A Lot, so I've had to set some guidelines for what I can and Cannot accomplish during the amount of time that they've asked. I did also take the time this weekend to compose a contract that I'll be using from this point on for all work that's similar to this to make things a lot easier. I've already got a history of dealing with some difficult clients, so I'm trying to make sure that I'm applying what I've learned to this job opportunity to make sure I don't go through the same ordeal.

Still definitely being cautious about it, though. I suppose if they're willing to sign my contract in the end then i'll know if it's worth it.
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