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Translation of Light

Looking to gain more insight on the workings of Translation of Light when it comes to something coming to completion in a horary chart.

Casted a chart today regarding a new work opportunity that I was approached on. The two significators do not have an aspect applying to each other, however, the moon is providing a translation of light between the two, so I guess the question is - will things still come to completion?

The basic breakdown of the chart is pretty clear. Chart's radical, by the way, as the ruler of the hour is the Sun.

Sun is in Taurus, on the Midheaven Cusp showing my heightened position in the situation. They did, after all, approach me for the job opportunity. Venus is in the 9th house in it's sign of detriment, however, in Aries which exalts Me (The Sun). The 9th house seems extra appropriate since the company is overseas from where I am in the UK, they're also in the publishing and media industry so that reinforces it.

So, now the question comes in as to the role that the Moon plays here. The Moon is in the Suns's sign of Detriment in Aquarius, which just emotionally speaking makes sense. While I'm open to the opportunity, I'm honestly feeling pretty indifferent and disinterested since it's not my typical kind of work. Probably why the Moon is also in the 6th house. As while it is career related, I'd still emotionally relate to it as a general work obligation.

Moon is applying a Square to the Sun (me) and then a Sextile to Venus (Career Opportunity). Would this show me getting the job? Especially since Venus and Sun are, at least, mutually receptive to one another. Or is there something else I'm missing.
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