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Re: My placements work out eachother well

Originally Posted by Billybobenson View Post
I have my jupiter in aries and in the 1st and my 1st in Aries

I have my saturn in taurus and in the 1st

I have my venus in sag and in the 9th

Jupiter is: good fortune/fortune, benefits/rewards, honors, expansion, cheerfulness/happiness, youth, prosperity, and even can be said to be enlightenment/the higher perspective

Saturn is: bad fortune/misfortune, challenges, dishonors, limitation, gloominess/depression, old, failures/downfalls, and even can be said to represent the inability of holding a higher perspective

Venus is: Pleasure, love, wealth, material possessions, values in general, romance, all personal/close relationships in general, equality, the focus on others rather than self.

The condition of one's natal saturn depends on both the sign ruling it as well as the aspects, which will determine which house the saturn is in.

My natal saturn is aspected well, so I feel that despite my saturn being in a bad sign for it to be in (Taurus), (because Saturn: challenge, bad fortune/misfortune, limits, dishonor, and failure in Taurus: material possessions/material values, wealth) it means I will either

1) override the misfortune of it via the good aspects it has, or

2) still face its misfortune, but to a much lesser extent than if it wasnt so well aspected as it is.

I'm leaning way more towards #1, just for the simple fact that throughout my life so far, I have never really had ANY issues with money matters. In fact, I was born into a higher section of the middle class, to the point where every christmas and bday growing up I got many nice and New material gifts and possessions, and I had family who could and would lend me lots of cash sometimes just because they were being nice, and even have some family that owns very large land too.

Which leads me to believe that my venus is a reflection of my saturn, seeing as my saturn has does U-TURN on what it would be doing if it werent in the well asected condition its in.

After all, my venus is in sag, which is another way to say that the condition of my wealth/basically just my wealth amount throughout life (no, not my approach to wealth, as that must be ones midheaven) is in sag, so it's like saying my condition of wealth is in the sign of expansion and honors as well as luck and prosperity.

So no matter what it means I will prosper in the area of wealth in my life. And this is even backed up by how my venus is in the house of sag (9th house) so it means my wealth condition is also dedicated to my wealth gains as well.

This leads me to believe that my saturn would not be as in good condition as it is if it werent for my venus in sag making it have to be in good condition.

But then perhaps you could also say there is really no order to what's picked out at the exact moment of birth in your chart, since its just the positions and the angles everything is in at the exact moment of birth.

So I guess its more like the planets are always perfectly in good positions when every person who is born is born to create individuals whose life is perfectly balanced and no one is perfect but at the same time every one has gifts naturally and is given certain blessings and potentials. And this cycle will balance everything and keep karma in check.

What do you guys think?
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