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Re: Bullying Aspects

I was about to jump in with 'Mars - Pluto holy s'. But you beat me to it.

I have a close friend who has Mars - Pluto so it does not mean all Mars Pluto's are bullies but, as the saying goes, it might be that all bullies are M...

I can't tell you what's going on with the dynamic of attracting others like that either. I do know that if you look at your own aspects the energy might be there for instance, apparently Venus- Pluto's get cheated on a lot! And women with Mars- Pluto is very often seen in rape victims according to Liz Greene!

I have Venus- Pluto and often attract girls that are sexually aggressive, which in our culture comes out as passive aggression because they won't just say what they want it becomes aggressive game pleying. You're right though, nothing is going to change it.
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