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Re: Thoughts on my birth chart?

Oooo! Jupiter at 0 degrees is a critical degree. A planet at 0 degrees has a lot to offer is what I noticed in reference to what that planet rules over. For example, JK Rowling (author of Harry Potter series) has her mercury (planet of communication) at zero degrees. Madonna has her Venus (entertainment and arts) at zero as well. The zero degree is like the fool card in tarot. Experiencing a new beginning in this life in reference to that planet and can typically create great potential. Jupiter would be studies, philosophies, religion, spirituality, legal field, etc.. Also, because it is considered like a "baby planet" there is a need for boundaries and avoidance of recklessness. For example, Hitler had his sun (leadership) at 0 and Henry the eight had his Venus (love) at 0 and he is known for his changes in marriage in Christianity but also killed many of his wives.
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