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Re: Solar Return for 2019

Your solar return moon is in the 10th house which suggests that your emotions will be strongly linked to your career.

Because your solar return Venus conjuncts your natal Mercury your style of verbal communication will probably be emotionally and aesthetically appealing.

Your solar return Pluto conjuncts your natal Mars, and you may be full of anger and tension. Since Mars is in your 5th house this dynamic will play out most strongly in your relationships.

Your natal Uranus conjuncts your solar return Jupiter. Your natal Jupiter conjuncts your solar return Neptune. Both will make you less connected to the present but more imaginative and open to ideas.

I think it would be wise for you to spend a lot of time writing about your feelings particularly if you get stressed. You will probably find that you have a lot to say and that your writing is better than usual.

Since your emotions could over-spill into your career be very careful with them, particularly anger. On the other hand if you use your words to express your feelings eloquently, it could be a positive.

Maybe you could make a side career in angry poetry.
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