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Originally Posted by AtlanticPacific View Post
Very interesting to hear your thoughts Ardentika! I've never really considered the SR MC much in this topic but now I will! Incidentally my birthday is in a little over a week and in my upcoming return chart I have SR MC exactly conjunct natal DC..(I also have Uranus conjunct SR DC ) I wonder if that will bode well for new relationship??
Well with Uranus it can go both ways. I've seen people who siddenly got married with Uranus in 7th, however they were already in a relationship.

This year I had Uranus in 7th and basically I couldn't establish any committment. Even tho there were potentials it kinda all fell apart. However it was healing because it allowed me to be more open towards all kinds of people and kinda stepped up my casual daring game haha.

I don't think Uranus brings stability or long term committment or any committment at all in general.

But who knows with that combo of angles! I don't know which one is stronger. The angle or the planet. All is possible with Uranus really. I'd have to look at the whole charts to tell you more.
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