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Re: Hyleg and Alcocoden

One has to be careful about the statements about system A, or system B
Take care children, sidereal longitudes are dangerous! The equally rising table comes from the Babylonians. As you said, they are clearly round off for a klima and schematicism in a sidereal zodiac. It does not mean that they were tropical astrologers, just that they were also observing the seasons and daylight. (That means they were taking seasonal/''tropical'' considerations in a sidereal zodiac. The Babylonians calculated the rising times not for the calculation of horoscope, but for calendrical reasons according to Francesca Rochberg.) For example in the sidereal zodiac today Aquarius and Pisces are counter-antiscia (like-ascending) and Aries and Leo are antiscia (like-empowered). Those are extensions of the aspect doctrine which also has like-engirding signs like Aries and Scorpio. I remind that the antiscia the majority of Hellenistic astrologers used is clearly non-tropical - having Gemini and Leo as antiscia rather than Cancer and Gemini, because the equinox was thought somewhere within Aries, rather than at the interstice.

As for the calculations of ancient horoscopes - From the first century to the first half of the fourth there are no more than one or two data points that could be interpreted as tropical longitudes, and these are just as likely to be errors. - p. 17 - Jones, A. (2010). Ancient rejection and adoption of Ptolemy’s frame of reference for longitudes. In Ptolemy in Perspective (pp. 11-44). Springer, Dordrecht.

I am sure one error is in Valens, as I was only able to get the tropical chart. However it is clear from the rest that he is using sidereal longitudes.

3. It just seems to me, in death prediction, that a wrong prediction is simply not good enough. This isn't like predicting whether someone will win the lottery or get the plum job. Death is final, finito; and a doomsday date would fill most people with a lot of anxiety. I have seen several members on this and another forum have the bejeesus scared out of them by a "friend" playing Sorcerer's Apprentice with their charts in this manner. For this and other ethical reasons, several astrological organizations prohibit their members from engaging in death prediction among their clients or forum members.
Is it ethical to predict marriage, children and good times for one who is going to be under threat in a certain period before it?

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