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Re: Oculum Neptunis

Examples of my Neptune. Getting swarmed by black flies in my house that come out if nowhere and then after a couple seconds all disappear. The next day an earthquake or something a long the lines happens (yet I'm skeptical of all superstition).

Also look at the core of my astrology. Neptune first house is getting lost in the Sea of the world, constantly changing often misread because they seemingly are everything at once. Also the aesthetic of my astrology is so high, it's like I need to paint a picture of myself, and I want the same style of painting to show up in my chart. So much so that I study all astrology trying to find the right colors and brushes to accent the painting of my personality. Neptune has no limit in my chart so it's waters will take me to every style of astrological work.

I think I'm going to make a fixed star chart. Making each entire constellation 30 by marking half of each constellation as 15 finding the nearist fixed star Conj. To my planets and placing them in the signs like they did in the olden days.

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