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Re: Astrology of fertility and children

I'm a bit confused. First it says that 4th house is effective then it says the native with Lot of Children in 4th will have children at the end of their life?!

Also mine seems odd combo between good and bad. My LOC is in 1010 Gemini, falls in 4th. Gemini is not fertile, but 4th house is good. Also 5th is in Cancer, which is fertile, but the ruler, Moon is in Leo, which is not fertile. Also falls in the 6th house. Not good.
BUT then Mercury is in 11th which is good. -.-
This is confusing. Also I have Saturn between the lot and its ruler, so that's awful?

And what orb to use? I have Saturn at 715 Pisces and my LOC at 1010 Gemini? Please tell me the orb is no wider than 1-2 xD
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