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Re: musical talent placements

I see some powerful musical/artistic influences in your natal chart.

Leo is on your MC, so you might be seen by others as a very creative, artistic person. And you may end up choosing a career in the arts/entertainment field.

You have Venus/Uranus in Pisces, which is also indicative of the music and arts as an innate talent. It trines Saturn so you should be able to practice a lot and build up your skills through training.

And your Neptune is unaspected. and you may find it interesting to google.

You are very young so you have a lot of time to explore lots of different hobbies/interests to see what fits best.

With the Sun @ 0 Aquarius, you will probably be good at a lot of different things. Choosing just a couple will be the key so you can focus your energy and resources and attain success.


Neptune unaspected : interpretation

Neptune is the planet of mysticism, increased sensorial capacities, intuition, imagination, and faith, but also of depravity and addiction to forbidden substances. When he is unaspected, he can bring about paranormal gifts and moments of mystical ecstasy, or on the contrary, moments of doubt, confusion, and indefinable but upsetting disturbances.

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