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Unhappy Re: Is my Mother My Secret Enemy? arabic parts....

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
I'm afraid so...sorry you found that out. What made you believe she's doing or plotting something against you? Any history of conflict with her?
Thanks for your reply.. Yes, my mother is an accountant. And very wealthy, she has too many assets to get a pension. My Grandmother raised me from birth , she was the best thing in the world. When my Grandmother took ill, she said to me, dont worry, youll be looked after. I cried beside her watching her die. Well it came her funeral time, and Mum passed me a set of rosemary beads and said, this is all she left you. I didnt put much thought into It.but my mother made herself trustee of her financial accounts.
Now , me and my 4 year old son are struggling on our own . She lent my ex partner $40,000 to finish our house so we could sell it. And somehow I ended up with nothing. Shes floundering around with half a million dollars wanting to buy real estate, while we are virtually struggling to afford a rental. She doesnt want me to live near her. Theres something wrong here... Thanks for your reply .. i m glad I looked into it.. When she visits,Saying , Ill come up and help with Levi) shes always off to the hairdressers, or the club, shopping, anyway , she just sold her plane, because she said she is broke.. I dont like her very much anymore.. Shes not very nice. she actually left me and my son homeless in a tent at one stage, but was nice enough to pay for a torch and gas stove.
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