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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Originally Posted by noouraz2 View Post
I met a guy this year after my birthday on january2016, we loved each other and we're still together. It's a crazy relationship we both feel we're soulmates.
My SR is libra (my 11th house from Natal Chart) but venus in 3rd I met him online and turned out he lives nearby. Moon in 7th I guess this means I'm thinking of a partner all year? and thinking of marriage? which is happening until now. I don't know what other to read. but I'm sharing my natal chart and solar return with you
Yeah the first thing I notice is the Moon conjunct Uranus in the 7th. The Moon is represents an emotional bond but Uranus is disrupting. Your relationship will likely see changes.

It might mean moving closer to marriage but to get a clearer picture I'd want to look at your transits and progressions. Your SR sun is the 4th which means your primary concern will be family and the home. Pluto and Mercury are also there which could mean power struggles and intense thought respectively in these areas.
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