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Re: astrology for all


malefic planets.

traditionalists and modernists differ on this topic.
traditionalists have their malefics and benifics,but the modernists do not agree with such labelling of planets.
and to a certain extent ...both are right !
modernist is right because the influences ,represented by the physical planets ,are neither positive or negative,even though they may be expressed in these ways in the life of an individual.the influences are pure energy,though they may be expressed in different ways.
the traditionalist is also right in that,the so called malefics will be expressed in destructive and negative way,unless vey favourably possitioned in the chart.
how such malefics are expressed in the natives' life ,depend on some factors.
1)being in good aspects with the luminaries-sun and moon,helps greatly in the constructive expression of the so called malefic.affliction by the luminaries makes it very difficult.
2)being well aspected by the ruling planet of the nativity,helps a lot.
3)being well aspected by the ruler of the sign,in which the malefic is placed,is ALSO beneficial.
such well aspected malefic ,if in own house or in exaltation....will be immensely ,well placed malefics(so called by the traditionalists),will be expressed constructively and positively.
but otherwise....their energies will be expressed in erratic and uncontrolled way,destructively and negatively!!
some consider mars and saturn as malefics,some even uranus.many hindu astrologers consider even the sun and weak moon as malefic,they also have temporary malefics based on house lordships.
but how these malefics are expressed,depends upon their positions and aspects.but even if they are afflicted...we must not loose hope,for the human inner will has the power to rise above chart limitations...yes it is very hard and almost impossible for the majority.....but it can de done !.
venus and mars in good aspect,helps a lot...for it gives stability in emotions.affliction here,gives a very volatile and erratic emotional being.
venus rules the higher emotions and mars the lower emotions,and good aspects bring a healthy emotional balance...which is very useful while dealing with other afflictions.
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