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Re: Astrology of fertility and children


It was nice to see your reply, as I figured when Mercury went direct I might hear from you.

It sounds like you may be in a similar situation-as it seems you 'get it'. If so, I'd be curious as to what your chart is like and if there may be any similarities (yes, I am I bit of an 'astro geek', I can't help it.

As for Pluto, I think you are spot on- funny enough, in may chart it's exactly conjunct the asteroid "Karma" (actually- maybe that isn't so funny )

I like your idea of my first house Pluto being connected to Kundalini energy-makes sense of my relationship with dance (many dancers at my age are heading toward the winter of their artistry- where as I feel I am just now reaching a peak)

I am not sure if you are familiar with chakra healer Cyndi Dale's work- but her last book 'Beyond Soul Mates' seems relevant- she goes into details about the various types of 'soul' relationships and karmic connections

I must admit I do feel an urge to 'get it right' on the relationship front, in any case, thanks again for your response!

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