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Re: Astrology of fertility and children

ooops, sorry I don't come here often so I only just now saw your response

I do not look much at Pluto because this is traditional approach of delineation, although pluto in your first house gives you sort of drive towards you own goal and self, and in this context it gives a very real and powerful issues of being in control that you'll probably need to let go of eventually if you want your sun(also moon and venus) to shine

but it gives also a certain level of fatedness and inability to control what comes to you, being that it is in your first house. it can be very transformative if you work with it i associate influence of pluto with kundalini energy and physical aspect is important for psychological transformation.
but when it comes to children - yes god has everything to do with it so planning it is kind of futile, imo. Most of the people I know had their pregnancies babies at random times, mostly never when the originally intended to. I was also looking at my own solar returns for this out of curiosity but I know it can happen anytime and try not to fret about it to much, when the time is right it will come

it is obvious from you tenth house that career is very important to you but as women we all have to make a choice to sacrifice some part of our lives for motherhood at some point. Best of luck whenever you;re ready!
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