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Smile Re: Astrology of fertility and children

Thank you so much for your response!

I did not get from your post whether you are actively trying to conceive or are you only planning to do so, and why are you focusing only on those years you mentioned?
The reason why I chose those years is because it seemed like they had the most promising aspects, although I feel 2017 is too soon-as I still have to find a mate!!

I am planning ahead. I'm a professional dancer (among many other things) who started quite late. Now I am focusing on making the most of my artistry, etc. AND graduating to a higher tax bracket. Meanwhile I need to find time to date, as I'm currently single.

My last romantic partner happened to be a fertility specialist. I asked him about what he thought about freezing eggs, and basically he thought it was a marketing bonanza doctor's have tapped into...that there were so many factors involved in fertility, and that freezing my eggs wouldn't necessarily make me more fertile than a host of other procedures, etc.

Anyway, although for a while I was seriously considering it (I have a 43 year old friend who was never able to get pregnant, who's practically begging me to do it) But, I've decided (finances playing a key part) not to.
I figure if I get pregnant it's going to come from a spiritual sense of abundance, instead of conservation and debt-and that God will likely play the biggest role in it. I'm not religious, but I do believe in miracles, know people who have had children when the doctors said it would never happen, etc. so I have faith.

Jupiter is in good condition, except from that square it receives from Mars. With Mars in twelfth house perhaps some past surgery or chronic illness played some trick on your fertility - could this be the case? or it could simply be some psychological blockage?
Yes...I think that Mars square to Jupiter is probably a psychological thing- Mars in the 12 - maybe it's a fear of 'going for it' a hesitation of sorts- like really wanting/desiring from within, but not having confidence to go full speed ahead (I've experienced this with my dancing)

this most definitely sounds promising, look what I wrote above here you also have SR moon conjunct natal south node, which is said to bring the child as a soul from previous life,
The past life interpretation you mentioned resonates- as I've yearned for a child a long time now- so I guess the karmic influence would make sense- (SR Moon South node conjunction ) wonder if the Moon's exaltation in Taurus would make it a good karmic tie?? These things are fun to think about...

Anyway, with Saturn ruling fifth in barren Leo some issues are bound to happen. Luckily you have good position of Moon, along with Jupiter and Venus, all of those matter when female fertility is involved. Jupiter especially is very fertile and trining your otherwise barren asc, andincidentally Jupiter is lord of your Part of Children.
Thanks for this great news!!
You didn't seem so concerned about the Pluto square to the Cancer stellium (probably more appropriate for the relational section)

As my last relationship recently ended, it was new feeling of- 'Wow...when is it going to happen'? When is it all (career, $, love, etc.) going to come together? So now I'm doing my best, even as an artist, to be logical, and plan ahead.

I did notice my progressed fifth house will move into Pisces in March...I've read that when a progressed house changes signs, it's very significant- would you say that's true? If so, I would think that would also add some ammunition for a baby (as well as a boost to my dancing career and love life)

but- that aside, your observations have helped me hone in on the full astrological picture.I guess the natal chart is very important, but I think it also helps to go beyond that and synthesize all the influences.

There is so much to all this-it's quite amazing. Looking forward to your thoughts on my response.

Thank you!

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