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Re: Astrology of fertility and children

I did not get from your post whether you are actively trying to conceive or are you only planning to do so, and why are you focusing only on those years you mentioned?

Anyway, with Saturn ruling fifth in barren Leo some issues are bound to happen. Luckily you have good position of Moon, along with Jupiter and Venus, all of those matter when female fertility is involved. Jupiter especially is very fertile and trining your otherwise barren asc, and incidentally Jupiter is lord of your Part of Children.

Look for the years where Venus or Jupiter activate Lot of children by conjunction, square or oppositions, look for Moon prominent, on angle, also include asteroid Ceres

Part of Children in Sag almost 3 degrees trine Saturn in Leo (not that helpful I assume)

this is actually good, gives promise of children at older age, but it would be better if it aspected it's own lord for example. Sag as a sign is considered more fertile than barren, not super fertile or anything but in your case Jupiter is in good condition, except from that square it receives from Mars. With Mars in twelfth house perhaps some past surgery or chronic illness played some trick on your fertility - could this be the case? or it could simply be some psychological blockage?

2017 Solar Return

Capricorn, Profected Ascendant

SR Saturn(retro) will conjunct my lot of sons
what looks interesting is Venus in Taurus will conjunct my natal Jupiter and SR MC
SR Vertex will conjunct Pluto in Cap in SR 5th
All of these sound promising, especially Pluto in fifth, it can bring children alone without any other pointers from what I've seen

2019 Solar Return

Pisces Profected Ascendant
Do I use traditional ruler Jupiter and Modern ruler Neptune? in any case-

SR Jupiter in Sag (retro) conjunct my part of Sons with 6 degree orb (close
enough orb for conjunction)?
this most definitely sounds promising, look what I wrote abovehere you also have SR moon conjunct natal south node, which is said to bring the child as a soul from previous life, and sr fifth house ruler is conjunct so activating natal fifth house ruler. moon and uranus gives unexpected pregnancies or possibly with medical intervention, pluto on asc, and asc on 5th house cusp are also very good signs, as pluto can give body growth and changes that happen in pregnancy.

but this is very tricky area for those trying to conceive, sometimes even many promising factors won't be conductive for pregnancy, and other times people get pregnant with almost no signs at all. much of it has to do with natal promise, and other factor include divine intervention I believe.
and when this is something you are hoping for with so much heart into it, you are possible setting yourself up for huge disappointment if nothing happens.
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