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Re: Indicators of (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by Astronoodles View Post
As far as aspects and such go, my moon (gemini; 12th house) opposes chiron (sagittarius; 6). I also have Neptune in the 8th house which squares the Sun. My 8th house is in Capricorn (which may represent how much older he was than me). My moon opposes mars as well (again, mars in the 6th house). Here's my chart in case anyone wants to look @ it:
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For someone who is still learning astrology (as we all are - no-one would be arrogant enough to assume they know it all) your assessment is a good one.

I have also found that those with Moon in 12th house often have mothers who themselves are damaged in some way, and so are unable to detect and deal with situations such as the one you experienced. I'm not on a `blaming the mother' bandwagon, but it's just that mothers tend to be primary carers of children, and if they themselves have poor boundaries, then it is likely they will not respect/detect the boundaries of the children in their care.

The square between Neptune and your Sun can describe one whose boundaries are invaded by others. Any form of abuse is at its core an invasion of personal boundaries.

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