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Originally Posted by zoidsoft View Post
Then we must admit that astrologers of the past such as Paulus Alexandrinus were illogical to suggest the phenomena of "equally rising" since only a tropical zodiac fixed at 0 Aries is capable of creating a condition where 2 zoidia have the same ascensional times such as Aries - Pisces, Taurus - Aquarius, etc...
Yes, I'm aware of that. I have no problem in pointing out mistakes of past authors while bearing in mind that I am fortunate to exist in a time if bountiful source material and ease of accurate calculation. That said, I was specifically talking of Valens with my comments about the Equinix and also I do acknowledge tge Hellenes were mixing apples and oranges with their use of equal risings and antiscia and such things. As I said though, if you choose a Tropical zodiac and its mathematical peculiarities, then you have a hard time explaining other sign attributes.
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