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Originally Posted by WeCareALot View Post
I've noticed that Pluto conjunct the personal masculine planets is a really magnetic aspect to me. Conversely, people with moon or venus conjunct Pluto don't do much for me. Maybe it's because I'm a straight female, haha, but the super intense masculinity is really attractive--not so much Plutonified femininity.
Wow you're right. I checked my male and female friends charts.
Male with very tight Pluto Venus conjunction= nothing spectacular. Even with the Leo asc, he's not generally/conventionally attractive (or physically attractive at all to the normal person).

[I checked my synastry with him, and shows a bunch of Mars aspects flying around and about, so naturally I was attracted to him lol]

Male with very tight Mars Pluto conjunction= fit, manly appearance. Leo asc and is attractive.

Their charts are actually very similar, the differences are the conjunctions to Pluto and the Moon.

Female with Venus Pluto conjunction = very pretty and seductive

Will need to look at it more though, a few charts ain't gonna solve anything

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