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Originally Posted by lazarusx View Post
In my experience i've found those with Sun conjunct Pluto to be something to behold in the realm of magnetism; they seem to exude charisma, it just seems to come naturally to them.

I have Sun trine Pluto;
Mars/Venus square Pluto

I dont think i'm magnetic.

That said though; i can get along with anyone anywhere in the world; whether their rich or poor, drug users or high society; there's no distinction to me.
I am sun conjunct pluto in Scorpio. I think you are right I find strange eccentric people really cool so I am not surprised when they come right up to me on the street. I tend to attract life and death situations and interesting people and a lot of crisis but I like it life would be boring without it.

I also have pluto in Scorpio 8th house (sun is in 9th house) its domicile by house and sign it comes naturally to me that energy. I have Mars and Mercury in 8th house libra too.
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