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Re: Worried about my future, feel blocked....

Originally Posted by mdinaz View Post
Not everybody that is working feels that way. Some people would rather be fishing. Some people would rather be doing something else for a living like being an artist but those jobs often pay little and they can't risk the financial security to pursue a dream. Some people work in a family business they want no part of. Some people make a lot of money and are bored silly or stressed to death. Some people are perfectly happy being the middle-class truck driver their entire lives because they enjoy being on their own and on the road. Not everyone feels their self-worth tied up in what they do for a living or how much they make or whether they are "stagnant", by your definition. If someone were to ask me the profound question of "who are you", the first answer to come to mind would NOT be my job title, nor my economic class. I also don't consider my stagnancy to be based on what I earn vs what I earned in years previous.

You choose your thoughts and beliefs whether you believe it or not. If you do have unsettling thoughts you have to think about where they came from. You can indeed change the way you think about things, and the way you think about things in turn changes your reality. The ease or non-ease with which you can do this are reflected in your natal chart.
That's true.....I'm definitely projecting my ambition and feelings upon everyone else. I have a friend who's just comfortable getting by and I never understand why he doesn't want more (especially since he's very talented).

Thanks for the advice tho, you're definitely right.
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