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Re: why did my engagement break up?

As we see from the chart there is a lot of counter-active energies at play, enough to set up a great deal of imbalance between you. Are there perhaps cultural or religious issues involved, due to you being away from your homeland? Moon in Capricorn depicts 'emotional repression' or limitations: this might involve problems in communication and an inequality of maturity. Perhaps the situation could involve a breech of trust, or 'dishonesty' [ fidelity and honor are important to you and disrespect is not taken well] Your personal relationship chemistry is quite polarized : it would appear that he likely does not fulfill your personal needs or meet your expectations. An involvement with dependency issues on your part may have been problematic. Were you feeling disappointed or disenchanted in this relationship? He may not be suited to provide for your emotional needs, and this can be a distancing factor. Your own Mars in Cancer is in detriment and working through the energy of Capricorn; you may be personally dealing with emotional repression, or depressive tendencies, and a definite sense of something lacking in the relationship. What do you feel is lacking? Were there dependency issues involved? Perhaps you were too domestically oriented for his liking. I personally believe that the loss of trust and respect are sure signs that the relationship is not being beneficial. It seems likely that one or the other was also feeling their creativity being stifled.

As per the outcome: Saturn says it is an issue of independence and individuality, whereby you are undergoing a process of re-identification in the next two years. As such your needs and desires may be changing quite a bit at this time. Uranus transiting the 5th house can indicate relational upheavals that can seem quite sudden or unexpected: the need for freedom in the relationship is high. I believe you may be experiencing the lessons of 'emotional detachment' and separation, things that you must learn to accept. On the surface, I do not see any overt indications of a re-union at this time, if you have the self-empowerment to let it go and look further for a more suitable connection. Saturn is opening a new cycle of release and new beginnings, and it would appear from this reading that it is indeed time to let go and move on in your life. These are my impressions of the current transits and their affect on your natal birth chart. A more detailed analysis of your 7th and 5th energies could be helpful in answering your specific question about marriage.
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