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Unhappy why did my engagement break up?

Dear all, thank you in advance for taking the time to read my chart.
I am now 34 years old and would like to know why I have had difficulty in getting married, if/when I will get married according to my natal AND D-9 chart. I was engaged in Oct 2011, but it was called off in May 2012.

I am also trying to learn astrology and was wondering if someone can tell me what is the significance of combust jupiter (signifying husband) in the 9th house of my natal chart - both sun and jupiter are at approx 24 degrees gemini. Also Ketu is at approx 5 degrees in Pisces in my 6th house, which means that most of the body of ketu is in the 7th house!!! Does this mean marriage is denied?

Thanks again!

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