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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by tokyo.lights View Post
The difference between the two seems so vast! How did you decide which is best suited for you?
Mostly experience. Also a little bit of my sometimes-flawed common sense. The difference is only that Saturn and Venus switch sects. I might have also got the reasons wrong. But the main common sense reason for me is that Venus shows relations with women (especially the mother) on a day chart regardless of model, and Saturn shows relations with men (especially the father) on a night chart regardless of model, and it is common sense to me that a planet that is chosen over another planet to represent something within a sect should be a planet that is favorable in that sect, or else the equivalent is that that thing should not be favorable in the sect: i.e. it is not favorable for diurnal people to be with (typical?) women since in the Western model all feminine planets are of the night, and it is not favorable for nocturnal people to be authority figures since the Sun and Saturn are of the day. Which is also why I make sect a more moderate consideration and currently only consider it really bad if a planet gets none of its own sects.

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