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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by tokyo.lights View Post
Oh wow really!? I have a lot to learn!!

Day: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn
Night: Moon, Venus, Mars


Day: Sun, Venus, Jupiter
Night: Moon, Mars, Saturn

Theoretical differences according to me:

Western: Day and night both have one luminary, one benefic, and one malefic. The "Greater" ones all go to the day, and the "Lesser" ones all go to the night.

Vedic: Day and night both have 2 masculine and 1 feminine planets. Both "benefics" and the "more benefic" luminary go to the day, and both "malefics" and the "more malefic" luminary go the the night.

Mercury's sect depends on who you ask. Vedic also considers the Moon the more important luminary rather than the Sun, but this itself is not part of the concept of sect.
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